Quick Facts


Walter Draper




February 14, 1991


Educated by the Hip Hop Elders


Ajax, Ontario

Walter Draper Biography


When Walter first heard "Elevator's" by Outkast he instantly became a fan of Hip Hop. Artisits such as Eminem, D12, Wu Tang Clan, Technine, Immortal Technique, Necro and Sweatshop Union started his passion for writing his own raps. He kicked his first rap at the age of sixteen. The rap soul inside of him started to grow. At eighteen he started recording his first album "Life with Mary Jane" at INEO Studios.

When WaltD's first album was completed he found that Uxbridge was not the place for an inspiring rapper. Off he went to London, Ontario, where he bacame involved in the thirving Hip Hop scene. After holding the "Dirty Thursday" Rap Battle Belt for some time and learning all he could from his talented peers and respected elders ... to left for Toronto.

Past Performances

In-Divine Providence AKA WaltD played at the Coalition Lounge in Toronto

In-Divine Providence AKA WaltD competed in the West End vs. East End at the Velvet Underground in Toronto.

Pioneering singer and Activist

Walter spends a lot of time writting his own raps. Mostly about what's happening in the world around him. And the rest of the time ... letting the world know how it should be.

personal life

Walter Draper was born in Ajax, Ontario, moving to Uxbridge at the age of seven. His younger years consisted of playing sports and being a dumb ass. Walt had dreams of becoming a well paid athlete which were squashed after 22 shoulder separations and two surgeries, prior to the age of 20. He then turned his passion into music to help him release his emotions.